KAS Juruukur Bahan Sdn Bhd

Property Development Cost Consultant
Registered Quantity Surveyors

Scope of Services

We provides the following services:

Cost Advice and Cost Planning
  • Preparing and using cost data.
  • Preparing estimates and budgetary cost planning.
  • Undertaking financial feasibility and comparative design studies.
  • Preparing and using detailed budget and cost plan; cost checking during design development.
  • Preparing cost-in-use studies; life cycle costing.
  • Preparing and interpreting turnover/cash flow projections and profit/loss forecasts.
  • Cost control and reporting during pre-contract period.
Contract Documentation
  • Preparing bills of quantities for main or sub-contract including the measurement and description of work, and the drafting of preliminaries, preambles and contract conditions.
  • Preparing bills of re-measurement for final accounts if measured from drawings.
  • Preparing specifications and/or schedule of rates.
  • Data processing associated with the preparations of documentation, including working up dimensions
  • Pre-contract correspondence

Contract Services
  • Cost advice during progress of works, estimating final costs and reporting on the financial effects.
  • Monitoring of proposed construction methods or sequences and reporting on actual requirements; preparing cost benefit reports on alternative construction methods.
  • Cost control during progress of the works; valuations of variations.
  • Preparing valuations for interim certificates.
  • Analyzing contract prices relative to cost recording methods.
  • Preparing and agreeing final accounts and contra charges.
  • Reporting on evaluating and negotiating contractual and extra-contractual issues; post contract correspondence; attending site meetings.
  • Preparing or interpreting cost/value and other reconciliation statements for management purposes.
  • Surveying, measuring and recording site information
Tendering and Contractual Arrangements
  • Formulating or implementing procedures on tendering and contractual arrangements for main or sub contracts.
  • Advising on selection of tenderers; evaluation and reporting on tenders.
  • Preparing tenders including compilation of rates for work and preliminaries
  • Negotiation and rationalization of tendered prices.
  • Planning or programming of contract works
  • Resource determination, scheduling and purchasing
  • Procurement of plant and materials
  • Project management